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It’s Time to Bloom

Ways to bloom and make your marriage better!

As we Spring into April, we are beginning to see the blooms of beautiful flowers. We see blooms from seeds that were planted the year before and we see blooms from newly planted flowers. In order to see beautiful blooms we must have good soil, tend, water, and ensure there is good sun.

Guess what…our marriages require the same and more in order for the relationship to bloom. Here are a few points to help your marriage bloom:

  1. Good soil: Good soil (marriage) is rich in nutrients (love, peace, patience, care, and kindness) so relationships have a strong foundation leading to a healthy bloom.

  2. Tend your garden: Stay focus on your marriage to better your relationship with your spouse. Don’t allow weeds (lack of communication, lack of intimacy, conflict) to hinder your blooms.

  3. Water often: Set a time to water your relationship. Water (spend time together, show love, extend grace, communicate, have fun) leads to growth and healthier blooms.

  4. Get some sun: Utilize the sun (outside sources) to help your marriage grow and thrive. Get encouragement from counselors (YHMM) or close friends.

Make a commitment to bloom. Put down roots that go very deep so that you won’t be easily uprooted from your marriage. Commit to the necessary tending to growing as a couple in your marriage.

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