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A Few Tips on a Healthy Marriage

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

The same way we eat healthy to have a healthy body, we must digest the right information to have a healthy marriage.

Here are a couple of tips to digest and get moving towards a healthier marriage:

  • Show your spouse some attention

  • Show respect for each other

  • Show appreciation for each other

  • Communicate with one another

  • Spend quality time together

  • Set boundaries and expectations

  • Connect with your spouse daily

Did you notice that love wasn’t one of the things listed?

It’s because if all the above things are present, than love abounds. Love is at the heart of all the things mentioned above.

These are just a few suggestions. Check back weekly for more details on each one of these topics. Remember, what you put in your marriage is what you get out of it!! Intake or digest the right things.


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