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Who We Are

Our mission is to provide professional premarital and marital counseling in order to educate and empower couples to have a healthy and long lasting marriage.

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Your Healthy Marriage Matters

Marriage Counseling

For those couples who have a desire to have a strong, healthy marriage, we have the skills, the experience and the passion to effectively guide you and your marriage to a healthy and happy place with your spouse.  One way we help couples is to be an objective third party to listen, intervene, coach counsel, pray and offer as much support as needed. 


We also offer the Gottman Relationship Checkup for couples, which is a powerful online assessment that automatically scores a couple’s strengths and challenges.  This will allow us to create a plan for improving and strengthening your marriage.

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What We Specialize In

Marriage Commitment

Relationship Expectations

Conflict Resolution

Family Planning or Family Blending

Wedding Rings

Your Marriage Matters To Us

Mrs. Meshea and Mr. Melvin did our premarital counseling and has worked with us since then with our marriage. They provided us foundational tools to help us as a newly married couple and in our marriage in general . Their counseling style is practical which
makes it easy for us to apply it to our marriage. We highly recommend them!!

- Sierra S.

They are the dopest counselors!

- Victor S.

Meshea Brodie and Associates leans with us in the twists and turns of our marriage. Speaking the truth in love, they provide us with an objective, non-judgemental perspective, while equipping us with practical tools for a successful marriage. Meshea Brodie and Associates empowers and encourages us as we continue in our process of becoming one. We truly believe that our healthy marriage matters to them and is at the center of their unparalleled service.

- AP

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Marriage Matters

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